Thalia Capo by Ardent Designs

The Thalia Capo is a functional piece of art. The re-invention of this simple device created an entire new world of usability and is worthy of adorning the most cherished guitars with it’s custom inlays, polished surfaces and custom etching.

Besides the apparent aesthetic appeal, the Thalia Capo is also an elegant mechanism designed for ease of use and superior tone quality. The mechanism provides one-handed use and the ability to change positions at any time – easily between songs or even multiple times during the same piece.


After a successful 2000% funding on Kickstarter with over 4000 backers, the Thalia Capo received a 2015 Good design award, a 2016 Red Dot award and is a finalist in the 2016 Edison awards. The Thalia Capo has also been awarded US Patent number US9190033 and has several other patents pending.

Engineered for die-casting and high end finishes. The design utilizes custom plastic alloys for optimized performance and protection of the guitar’s finish. The capo is fit with a custom shaped, tuned, and optimized spring.

“Designed to fit your guitar perfectly and keep it in tune”.

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