Tactically designed for military operations, the MOHOC camera is a revolutionary design in form-factor, durability and user interface. Achieving higher drop tests, lower submersion tests and a lower profile were all achieved while eliminating any outer case for additional protection. Tactically the most advanced camera available today.

Working with MOHOC, Pinion provided a complete ME and ID solution for their first foray into the camera world. The difficulty in this project was designing for the extreme environment the camera would be subjected to – from the desert dust storms of the Middle East to the wet jungles of South America. In addition to the environmental extremes, physical hazards had to be dealt with – 3-meter drop, snag proof, low profile, 10-meter waterproof submersion (IP68).


The layout of this complex architecture also required an articulating lens module, wireless connectivity (placement and optimization around metal parts) and dual battery modes (both primary and rechargeable – two sets of contacts). Other innovations included i) a custom switch/button combo, ii) a custom over-center locking mechanism with redundancy for the battery door and iii) an integrated bumper system to disperse drop shock.

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